Build High Converting Capture Pages, Track Conversions, Generate More Leads Made Simple With WP Lead Plus
If you ever need a reall good wordpress squeeze page making plugin, I would highly recommend this to anyone!
It was my first one ever created and I am so excited that he created a plug in that someone like me (a beginner) can use. He made it so simple.
I have started to make money from people who have come through your squeeze page!
NO Joke WP Lead Plus Popup just doubled my subscribers.
What can you create with WP Lead Plus?

High converting squeeze pages

The squeeze pages of WP Lead Plus are specially designed for high conversion. These designs have been trusted by many people when creating squeeze pages.

Unblockable popups

Unblockable popups are unique tool to capture leads. You can create a popup to present your great offers to your visitors anywhere in your page with WP Lead Plus. Many people have seen increases in using WP Lead Plus' popups and in many cases, the conversion rate was doubled!

Fancy widgets on sidebar

WP Lead Plus not only create popups and squeeze pages but also let you create attracting widgets on the sidebar. The combination of squeeze pages, popups and widgets makes WP Lead Plus the ideal tool for building list and capture leads.

Professional thank you pages

Do you know thank you pages are very important in building your credibility? Lousy thank you pages will drive your subscribers away. With WP Lead Plus, you can create professional, modern thank you pages that even help you make more conversions...(find out below)

Some of WP Lead Plus awesome features

Fully responsive & mobile friendly

With WP Lead Plus, your squeeze pages, popups and widgets are truly responsive. That means no matter what devices your vistors use, they will see great pages.
fully responsive, mobile friendly landing page created with wp lead plus

Create your pages fast with awesome editor!

No more hitting preview to see what your pages look like. With WP Lead Plus, you see your page as you edit it. This will make creating squeeze pages, popups, widgets much faster and easier.
easy to edit editor of wp lead plus plugin

Many pre-made, high converting templates to choose.

With more tha 20 high quality templates, you can always choose the right template for your pages. In addition, we are making more cool templates so the number will increase.
many templates comes with wp lead plus

Conversions tracking made easy

Have you wonder how you can improve the conversion rate of a particular page? With WP Lead Plus built-in conversions tracking feature, you will get detailed report on pages' performance.
conversion tracking feature with wp lead plus wordpress plugin

Work with all autoresponders

WP Lead Plus supports all kind of autoresponders. No matter your autoresponder is, WP Lead Plus squeeze pages, popups, widgets will integreate smoothly. You can even use free, self-hosted autoresponder solutions like cforms or listwire.
list of autoresponder services wp lead plus can integrate with

Use your own background images on squeeze pages (and popups too!)

Beautiful squeeze pages increase conversion rates! With great collection of background images, you can easily make your squeeze pages, popups look fantastic. Other than the images in WP Lead Plus' collection, you can upload and use your own background images.
you can use your own background image with squeeze page, popups created by wp lead plus

Rotate popups

You want to display a radom popup to test which one gives the best conversion rate? WP Lead Plus made it so easy within few clicks.
you can rotate popups with this wordpress plugin
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Take a look and these squeeze pages created by WP Lead Plus
sport cars landing page for wordpress super models squeeze page for wordpress singer landing page for wordpress
lemon diet squeeze page for wordpress anti-virus squeeze created by wp lead plus pluin for wordpress smart phone squeeze page with video smart phone squeeze page with video smart phone squeeze page with video smart phone squeeze page with video
And... You can use videos as background too
video landing page for wordpress butterfly video squeeze page for wordpress

Imagine how your conversion rate will be SKYROCKETED when your visitors are AMAZED by this new, unique feature

35 awesome templates and increasing!

We are serious about creating beautiful pages for your WordPress sites. We have been adding more and more templates to library and up to now, you can create awesome squeeze pages, popups, widget with 35 templates available. We will add more templates to the library and you will get the new templates for free!

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What do people say about WP Lead Plus?

Reviews, feedback, testimonials from REAL users who gave the feedback voluntarily. The feedback are from both free and premium users. The screenshots are taken from my Gmail Inbox and

Review of Mike Rios,
NO Joke Lead Plus Popup just doubled my subscribers. I just started a site about about 2 weeks ago and added an optin form about a week ago I was having a hard time getting people to subscribe, but as soon as I added the popup I started getting leads right away. I got the same amount of leads in a day then I did all week with the same amount of daily traffic, Freakin Awesome! The best part of the whole thing is that it is super easy to create beautiful pages!
Another one from Mike after few months of using:
I have bought lots of different programs looking for one that did something unique or different or better than the others. I must say I was really happily surprised with this product! It is different and is unique! It has an awesome editing system that has a very fast learning curve of about 6 minutes. What I love is that all the changes are done live in real time right in front of before you publish or even have to preview, you know exactly what your page is going to look like. THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE for people like me who know a little HTML but not much..this is a dream come true coz it saves you so much time! There are heaps of good templates, the training videos are brilliant! Rather than one long video with the narrator going on and on and then off track, the videos are all between 30 seconds to 2 mins and they show you exactly how to do the task the video relates to. BRILLIANT! It means the training is super-fast and it means if you forget one thing you just go to that video and in 1 minute you know how to do it! MASSIVE TIME SAVER!!!!  The biggest advantage with this system though is the developer. I asked him so many questions about stuff that wasn't even part of the scope of this product and he answered everything over and over again. He made sure everything was ok; he treated me like a customer wants to be treated!
Feedback from Włodzimierz Cieślar:
I've purchased the plugin over a month ago and I'm really happy with it. Within a few minutes I've created new squeeze page, popout and sidebar widgets, without having any knowledge of html or the other stuff ;-) and they work! Really easy-to-use-plugin. The last word is for the technical support - revelation, quick and useful. Keep goin' this way! :-)
Feedback from Haboulezz:
i have been looking for a versatile plugin that allows many functions and flexibility, i tried almost all of them and this is the best one out there. Communication with the support team is a pleasure the response to my questions came almost instantly. the plug in is very powerful an you will have a learning curve, but once mastered you will see the just how powerful it is. the pop up creation is the best and if you're an online marketer or want to build your email list the squeeze page works flaws lee. One big thing i was looking for is to have different pop ups on different pages and wp leads plus provided the answer. 100% recommended and 110% best support. Defiantly invest in the pro version. Reach out if you would like to see in inaction on my site.
Here is Jennifer review of the plugin, her website is
I don't write many reviews, but I felt very compelled to write one for Tran regarding his follow up after my purchase of the upgraded version of WP Lead Plus. He was super helpful, highly responsive, very timely, and stayed with me until I was able to achieve my desired outcome, which was to create a simple squeeze page. It was my first one ever created and I am so excited that he created a plug in that someone like me (a beginner) can use. He made it so simple. I am far from technical and I was able to create a squeeze page - thank you so much and i am highly impressed and totally grateful for your on-going support and help!!!! many thanks!
Ginger Johnson shares her experience with the plugin, her website is
Hands down WP Lead Plus is the easiest squeeze page plug-in available and their support team is amazing. It's easy to use with great tutorial videos to follow and if you have any questions - the support team responds! They also added new button designs to their plug-in that I requested within one day. Talk about amazing service and an amazing plug-in. If you're looking for a great squeeze page with lots of options and an incredible service team - WP Lead Plus PRO is for you.
Review from Sarah:
Thank you so much! Is there anywhere that you would like a testimonial? I would love to write something or do a video for you or something. You have always been so helpful and gone above and beyond. And that is on top of having a great program!
Jack's review on
Easy to use, set up, deploy, and edit. Haven't been able to find a landing page solution until now.
Rebecca from The Outdoor Blogger Network offers her review:
WP Lead Plus makes building lead capture pages EASY and QUICK for anyone to build a landing page that captures email opt-ins. But beyond that, when I ran into a conflict between the plugin and just one of the WP themes I am using (it worked fine on all the other themes I use) the support I got to make things work was OUTSTANDING. Not only was the support super fast, Tran went beyond the call of duty to make sure everything worked perfectly on that one issue. For someone like me who builds a lot of websites and uses a ton of plugins to achieve what I need, the support and service I got along with the WP Lead Plus plugin that saves me a ton of time building landing pages, I give this investment a 5 star rating.
Over 38,000 downloads, 1125 premium users, 4.7/5 stars rating could not be wrong!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it one time or recurring payment?

You only pay once and get life time update of the plugin.

How many site I can install the plugin on?

You can install the plugin on all sites you own. The plugin is for personal use only. With that said, if you have a client who wants to use WP Lead Plus, she/he will have to buy a license for her/his sites.

Does it work with the newest version of WordPress?

Yes! WP Lead Plus is tested on a wide range of WordPress' versions and it works with all of them, including the newest versions.

What if I have problem with WP Lead Plus, will you provide any kind of support?

Definitely! We will provide LIFE TIME assistance. Your problem will be solved by a real technician who truly understand WP Lead Plus and Wordpress.

Can I create other languages other than English?

Sure! Many people have successfully created squeeze pages, popups, widgets in Spanish, Portuguese, Chineses, German, Greek, Polish... with WP Lead Plus. Since WP Lead Plus supports UTF-8 encoding, you can create your lead capture pages in any languages.

Does WP Lead Plus come with an autoresponder?

No. WP Lead Plus is a tool to create squeeze pages, popups, widgets. If you want to collect information of your visitors, you need to use an autoresponder service. There are many good paid and free autoresponder service out there you can choose from.

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